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Collectively we have an incredible amount of resources and talent. Our best investment of those is in our community.


Prospective clients and vendors can find ServiceFirst businesses in a central location. They can be sure these are vendors who are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and community service.


What we don’t know can hurt us. Regularly refreshing our industry knowledge is an inoculation to mediocrity.


• Bi-Monthly Networking/Educational Social Events
• Quarterly Curated Marketing Training
• Printed Bridal & Event Vendors Guide
• Vendor-to-Vendor Social Media Pages
• Customer-to-Vendor Social Media Pages
• Live Streaming Video to promote your business
• State of the Art Event & Bridal Vendors Web Site
• On Line Event & Bridal Vendors Guide
• Lead Generation & Referrals

“I’ve Attended Networking Events. UGH”
So have we. Stale RIGHT?

Every time we gather, in lieu of admission, each of us will bring support for a sponsored charity. That could mean pet supplies or holiday gifts or perhaps that old jar of change that you seem to keep filling up. A keynote speaker from the sponsored organization will speak to us about their efforts so that we can spread to word.

There will be plenty of time to be social for sure. At our meetings no person will be left by the wayside, everyone will participate and we’ll be there to help you along. Accomplishment isn’t something we’ll leave to chance. We’ll create goals for every meeting and ensure that you head for home with tools or inspiration to help your business get to the next level.


• Monthly Business Feature Stories
• Photos, Periscope streaming video, website link, social media links
• Category headline photo with company credit/link to your detailed listing page on
• Complimentary Full page ad in the printed 2016 Wedding and Event Guide
• Complimentary Full page ad in the online 2016 Wedding and Event Guide
• Includes all elements of Luxury Package
• Wedding and Event leads


• Premium listing with photos at
• Website link and social media links
• Includes all elements of the Grand Package


• Access to Service First Vendor forum
• 40-word descriptive listing online only on
• Includes all elements of the Plush Package


• Complimentary Invitation to participate in all Networking/Educational Events.
• Fee based invitation to participate in all Focus Groups and Private Events.

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