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In Salon Styling

Having a complement of Bridal Hair Stylists and Make Up Artists, we have the talent to take good care of you on this very special day. Their artistry is unrivaled and their talent is sure to please. With inspiration from you we can hit the stars.

Service Rates In Salon

  • bridal hair styling – $150
  • bridal makeup application – $125
  • trial run bridal hair styling – $150
  • trial run bridal makeup application – $125
  • bridesmaids hair styling – $75
  • family/friends/flower girls hair styling – $75
  • makeup application – $75

Local, Long Distance or London

When it’s all about the convenience, we would love to travel to your wedding destination – local, long distance or London. We can bring any or all of our team to take care of you, your family and your friends.

Service Rates On Location

  • bridal hair styling – $250
  • bridal makeup application – $150
  • bridesmaids hair styling – $100
  • family/friends/flower girls hair styling – $100
  • makeup application – $100

Travel outside the local area may require an additional fee. Minimums may apply. When on location we are the exclusive hair and/or makeup service providers.

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To assist in scheduling wedding appointments
here are the answers to often asked questions.

Q. What to do if I have a question?

A. Please set up a time for Lacey, wedding Coordinator to call to discuss. This can be requested at

Q. Is the Salon available on my Wedding Day?

A. Because of the size of our team this answer will most likely be yes. We can’t answer until we know the specific number of appointments requested and the requested time. We also need to know are the appointments in the salon or on location. Please use the link above to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation to discuss.

Q. How much time will it take to complete the appointments?

A. On average 2 ½ hours is a good estimate. Once we know all the details we can answer specifically.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Pricing is listed on this page and at

Q. Can appointments be cancelled?

A. Yes, 8-weeks prior, the wedding appointments can be cancelled for any reason. Inside the 8-week period cancelled appointments will be billed at 100%.

Q. My numbers have changed; what should I do?

A. Contact as soon as possible and refer to our cancellation policy.

Q. Is there a deposit?

A. Yes there is a $300 deposit with no accommodations.

Q. I can’t wait! Can I call you now?

A. Yes, 843-722-6776

Q. I need just a single appointment. How should I schedule?

A. Please call the salon.